Webhosting Hub Review
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Those people who are in the website hosting business or are looking to start their own website would know about honest WebHosting Hub review (or simply Hub for short). This Virginia based company that was established in 2001 has now become one of the leading providers of different types of web hosting services worldwide.However like any company Web Hosting Hub has its pros and cons.So read honest webhosting hub review to know why webhosting hub is best.
Webhosting Hub review

We will start by looking Pros Of Webhosting Hub:

1) The company is a good web host for people who do not have much technical knowledge about the Internet but require a web hosting services for different reasons such as starting a business website etc.This is because Hub has made its procedures easier and less complicated for the layman to understand than other web hosting firms.

2) Hub offers over 500 free templates for its users.Each of these comes with a customization color scheme and with the ability to insert custom header logos, graphics and menu buttons. The templates are also unbelievably varied so that just about any business or person can find a fitting website design that suits them.

3) Another pro of the firm is that it offers easy website transfers.If you already have a website up and running somewhere and want to transfer it to Hub they do that for you.The process is smooth and is said to have no-downtime as you are provided with a temporary URL from where you can create your email accounts, upload your files and create your website.In this way you can make sure that everything works perfectly before you transfer your domain on the record.

4) The company gives a money back guarantee. This is perhaps it’s greatest plus. The refund is full if you do cancellation within 90 days of the purchase. Even after the 90 days are over you can still get some of your money back by working it out on a prorated basis.

 5) Webhosting Hub offers great customer support for its users. The company inherits this good practice from InMotion Hosting (its parent company) and provides first-rate support in both sales and technical through a variety of different means. These include live chat, community forums, emails and phones. The customer service is United States based and is open 24/7.
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 6) The company’s tag line says “Get your website online in minutes” and it is true. It is unbelievably quick and easy to set up a website with Web Hosting Hub as the process is rapid and can be understood without difficulty even by beginners. Another benefit of using the hub for hosting is the instant account activation that they offer for their customers. As soon as payment is made your hosting account will open with no type of delay in between. This feature is great for people who want to start their work instantly.

7)  Web Hosting Hub also supports a number of other content management systems and tools that you may have heard about or used before. These include popular options as Nucleus, Word Press,Joomla, and Drupal. It also gives full support for a number of e-commerce shopping carts, like Presta shop and the popular Open Cart. This is great news for businesses as it means that your e-store can be up and running in a matter of minutes, since the e-commerce system can be installed with just one click too.

 8) Hub also offers free domain registration for users. This is not much, in a financial sense it is at best a small bonus, but it is a gesture that is greatly appreciated by consumers. When you sign up for a hosting plan with Web Hosting Hub, you are offered free domain registration for the first year. This is for a brand new domain that the company produces for you .However you can also transfer your existing domain to Web Hosting Hub if you want. In both the cases, the domain for the first year is free.

9) A fast hosting loading speed and reliability are 2 of the key factors that determine the overall performance of a web host. In both of them the Hub is considered to be better than its rivals and because of their importance I consider it’s fast loading speed and reliability to be the company’s greatest pros. Web Hosting Hub guarantees a 99.9% hosting uptime and the common WordPress page loading speed (that few firms are able to maintain despite claims) that averages less than 1 second. In addition to this, the company is backed by 100% factory-tested Dell servers and Cisco network equipment. The company’s management team says that although the equipment was costly “the expensive investment on the infrastructure helps both the loading speed and reliability” and thus produces a better service for the customers.
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10) Another pro of the firm is that it offered web hosting plan to customers come with unlimited disk storage space & bandwidth, unlimited websites and as I have already mentioned in my webhosting hub review that you get free domain name for the first year.
These were the pros of Web Hosting Hub. Now let us look at its cons:-
1)   There is little flexibility in the service providing plans of the firm. For example the most minimum hosting plan is for one year.
2)   Until the order page opens customers cannot view information about the pricing.
3)   There is no free live demo of the web based Premium Website Builder without signing up.
4)   Automated secure backups are not free. They cost $1.00 for each month.
5)   Although the company’s customer support is good and the staff knowledgeable it is not instantaneous. In various webhosting hub review customers says that they have to listen to over 10 minutes of hold before they get answers for even the simplest questions. Another problem is that sometimes support personal seems to be answering many people at the same time and this creates senseless answers.
These were the pros and cons in  Webhosting Hub Review. In my option the firm’s greatest pro is its fast hosting loading speed as well as its reliability. Its greatest con is the low flexibility it has in hosting plans.
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